Swagmans Luck

The story of Banjo Pattersons Waltzing Matilda brought to life by hand crafted marionettes that showcase the hardships of the time.

We provide an entertaining learning experience for adults and children alike. The puppets appear and you're transported in the long forgotten time of the 1890s.

Swagmans Luck is a performance to celebrate

Bridgeward Grove, owner Julie Howard has a strong background in teaching, performance and the arts. Her vision to bring a unique marionette performance to a country setting was inspired by her travels in Europe where puppetry is performed in the cities and the rural areas.

Suddenly the puppeteers are forgotten, the strings unseen and the magic begins. Puppetry is one of the oldest forms of theatre and dates back to 2000 BC in Egypt, since then it has held the heartstrings of young and old alike. 

Bridgeward Grove Olives and Art Farm Gate, situated in Goornong in country Victoria commissioned a master marionette maker, Geahk Burchill to create the suite of eleven astonishingly realistic puppets for  “Swagman’s Luck”.  This truly Australian tale is based around the story of Waltzing Matilda and the important historical events that were happening at the time Banjo Paterson wrote the words to the song.

During the hard times of the 1890’s men were pushed to hit the road as Swagmen with few belongings, living on their wits and the generosity of strangers. These Swagmen were the first homeless people in Australia.  

It took two years to bring Swagman’s Luck to life. Bridgeward Grove looks forward to sharing this magical experience with you.

Upcoming Performances

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